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Foil Wrappers

Keep Food Fresh

Foil sheets cover dishes to keep food fresh.

Wrap Food for On the Go

Wrap sandwiches for lunch and bagels or muffins for breakfast on the go.

Wrap and Store

Wrap and store leftovers with foil sheets to keep food fresh.

Product Details

Reynolds Wrap® Foil Wrappers are pop-up foil sheets that are moisture-proof, odor-proof, grease-proof, and can be molded to any shape you like. The easy pop-up dispensing makes these sheets quick to grab when prepping foil packets, wrapping sandwiches, making baked potatoes or lining a pan.

In addition to withstanding high heat and extreme cold, Wrappers are perfect for keeping sandwiches and school lunches fresh. Aluminum foil sheets also offer an easy way to wrap and store leftovers, while ensuring that your food stays moist and tastes delicious.

Check out some of our delicious recipes that are made even easier with Reynolds Wrap® Foil Wrappers like these zucchini foil packets or some of our favorite skewer recipes.


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