Grilled Corn and Avocado Tomato Salad

A flavorful and filling salad that can be made with all of the summer veggie favorites from Reynolds Wrap Ambassador Fit Healthy Recipes.

  • Prep Time

    20 minutes

  • Servings


  • Cook Time

    10-15 minutes

  • Course

    Soups & Salads

You’ll Need...

Heavy Duty Foil



For this recipe, turn the grill on high heat. While the grill heats, prepare the corn. Start by shucking the corn and removing all the silk.

Lay out 5 pieces of Reynolds Wrap® Heavy Duty Foil approximately 16 inches long for each cob of corn. Stack the foil and work from the top, one at a time. Place a corn cob in the center on each piece of foil and wrap each cob in the foil, like a present. Fold at the top, leaving space for the heat to circulate. Then, tightly seal the ends by double folding

Place the foil-wrapped corn on the grill and close the lid. Grill over high heat for 10–15 minutes, turning once. You want the corn to be tender but not soft!

While the corn is cooking, prepare the remaining salad ingredients.

After the corn cooks, remove it from the grill and allow it to cool until it’s easy to handle.

Continue preparing the remaining ingredients. Once you have finished the preparation work and the corn is cool, unwrap them.

Cut the corn off the cob. Place all of the ingredients in a bowl. Mix gently and serve with your favorite dressing!