Sheet Pan Nachos

Use a combination of your favorite toppings to make these quick nachos to serve at a party, from Reynolds Wrap® Ambassador Preppy Kitchen.

  • Prep Time

    10 minutes

  • Servings


  • Cook Time

    10 minutes

  • Course

    Appetizers & Snacks

You’ll Need...

Non-Stick Foil



If you’re not using pre-cooked chicken, just boil a chicken breast in salted water until cooked through (about 20 minutes).

Shred the chicken with two forks. Transfer to a pan over medium heat and toss with salsa and spices. Cook until heated through and the salsa has been absorbed/cooked off. Set aside while you continue the prep. This chicken will keep in the fridge for up to four days. I like to make a double batch and have some delicious chicken for my salads later in the week.

Prep all the ingredients needed. Shred the cheese, slice the peppers, green onions and dice the avocado and red onion, etc.

Cover your baking sheet in Reynolds Wrap® Non-Stick Foil, then spread a thin layer of chips over the surface. Two chips is the maximum thickness—everyone wants toppings on their chips! Bake at 350 F for about 5 minutes to give the chips a toast and help them remain crispy. Set oven to 375 F after toasting.

Spread the cheese over the chips and begin adding the toppings, like beans, chicken, corn and so on. Leave the “wetter” toppings, like the peppers and tomatoes, for last and always place the tomatoes halves cut side up. Toppings like avocados and sour cream will be added after baking just before serving.

Bake at 375 F for about 10 minutes or until cheese is melted and bubbling.

Add diced avocados, sour cream, and cilantro leaves just before serving. You can sprinkle some extra seasoning onto the sour cream dollops if desired.