Best Gift Ever: Homemade Mason Jar Cookie Mix

Looking for the perfect present? Give a gift that bakes the perfect batch.

Mason Jar Cookie Mix

Use mason jars to layer cookie ingredients for a festive and customized gift for everyone on your list. Make the gift even better by pairing the mason jar with Reynolds Kitchens Cookie Baking Sheets.

Learn how to make this sweet gift following our instructions below:

  1. Pick your recipe: Choose a recipe that has incorporates ingredients in one or two batches and where the fresh ingredients are household staples (like eggs or water).
  2. Gather your supplies: Pre-measure all your ingredients. If you need to, pre-mix any spices or additions into the flour (such as baking soda, salt or spices).
  3. Fill the jar: Pick a clean, dry mason jar that’s large enough to hold all your ingredients. Use a wide mouth funnel to help fill the jar. Don’t have one? Roll a piece of parchment paper into a funnel shape. Put in flour mixture first, then the rest of the dry ingredients in the opposite order they are called for in the recipe. Make sure to pack down each layer before adding the next. Nuts, candy, morsels or any other recipe additions should go in last.
  4. Wrap: Use fabric, wrapping paper or parchment to cover the top before screwing on the lid. Trim the edges with scissors or pinking shears. Add ribbons, bows or decorative twine for a festive twist.
  5. Give!: Give the mason jar with a box of new pre-cut Cookie Baking Sheets and a card that has written recipe instructions. Make sure to call out any fresh ingredients needed to finish the recipe. Jars will last 3-6 months depending on ingredients.