Cookie Baking Tips

Everyone loves a perfectly baked cookie. Reynolds® Parchment Paper is a great tool to get great tasting cookies without the hassle of messy pans.


With parchment paper, your cookies bake evenly and turn out soft and golden brown every time. When you’re done, cookies slide right off the parchment paper without breaking, so your delicious creations will stay perfectly in one piece.

"Pre-made" Cookie Dough: Did you know you can make your own “premade” cookie dough? Store it now and bake later by using Reynolds® Parchment Paper. When you’re making cookies, make a double batch of dough. Wrap half in a sheet of parchment paper—roll it and twist the ends—and store it in the refrigerator. When you’re ready to bake another batch, unwrap the chilled roll of dough and slice off as few or as many cookies as you like. Wrap up any leftover dough and put it back in the fridge for another day of cookie baking. Just remember: Roll, wrap and repeat!

Watch as Reynolds Real Moms® Finalists Ashley and Whitney give you their tricks for no-fail baking, wrapping and storing cookie dough with the help of Reynolds® Parchment Paper.



Use a #30 size scoop to get perfect, even-sized scoops of cookie dough.