How To Make a Parchment Packet

Parchment packets are a quick and easy way to make tender and juicy meals. Simply add your favorite ingredients and seasonings to the center of a sheet of parchment paper and follow these steps.

4 Simple Steps to Make Parchment Packets

  1. Gather sides of parchment, keeping ingredients toward the middle of the sheet.
  2. Begin to fold down the paper from the top of the parchment until you reach about an inch from the ingredients. Leave this amount of space to allow the food to steam properly.
  3. Tightly fold in the sides of the packet.
  4. Crimp the edges tightly to ensure the packet closes fully.

It's tempting to overload your packet with delicious meat and veggies, so if you find it's overflowing, either remove some ingredients into a new packet or use a staple or metal paperclip to help secure the edges of the packet.

This kind of packet cooking is "en papillote" in France, where it originated. Check out our Ginger Shrimp & Broccoli en Papillote recipe for some tasty parchment packet recipe inspiration.