Instagram Tips for Great Food Photography

We’re excited to share some Instagram tips from food styling experts that you can do in your own kitchen to take your food photography to the next level!


With social media photography apps these days, there are a lot of opportunities to share your love of food with the world. But some photos look more appealing than others.

How to Improve Instagram Photos
Adding fresh herbs to one-color dishes

Use fresh herbs

Especially important for one-color dishes, the simple addition of fresh herbs or spices to the top of a plate or bowl can add depth and visually imply impactful flavor within a dish.
different vessels

Play with different containers

Placing ingredients into different, and sometimes unexpected, containers creates an interesting landscape for the eye. It encourages viewers to take their time reviewing each item within the photo, rather than seeing a sea of similarly shaped items. We love using Reynolds® Aluminum Foil Baking Cups to hold spices or chopped ingredients for a photo – the accordion edges create a fun border for overhead shots.
Parchment with Cookies

Use parchment paper for prep

Prepping ingredients on Reynolds Kitchens Parchment Paper offers an easy way to make the mess disappear in just one simple step. Then, you have a clean counter for your next photo.
Chaos of Products

Practice controlled chaos

Sprinkling a few seeds across the table is a great way to make a setting feel more natural, but be careful not to be too heavy-handed. Be mindful about where items are placed to avoid overcrowding a photo. The goal with natural touches should be to accent the focus of the photo, but not overwhelm it.
Ingredients for a Recipe

Use recipe ingredients in the final recipe image

Try placing a few ingredients around the final dish. It provides context for what's included in the recipe and can really amplify the overall taste appeal of the Instagram food photography.