Reynolds Kitchens® is looking for a Cookie Connoisseur!

Calling all baking fanatics and cookie enthusiasts! Reynolds Kitchens® is recruiting for a Cookie Connoisseur this holiday season.



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Reynolds Kitchens® Parchment Paper SmartGrid®, known for its natural paper with easy to use SmartGrid® lines for smarter baking is looking for a proven multitasker in the kitchen… someone comfortable with baking and eating cookies at the same time. Additionally, we’re looking for someone who is:

  • Comfortable trying wacky or unexpected ingredients to elevate your holiday cookie recipes
  • Known as the go-to cookie maker among your family and friends
  • Ready to take a stand on baking ingredients, like using salted vs unsalted butter
  • Willing to share your best and most unique recipes with us


Cookie Connoisseur Responsibilities

  • Demonstrate your favorite way to bake cookies during the holiday season
  • Share your favorite cookie recipe, secret ingredient, or crazy cookie ingredient that will blow our taste buds away
  • Allow Reynolds Kitchens to share your recipe on Reynolds Kitchens and be featured on our Cookie Countdown to 2021 on Facebook and on our website, so all baking enthusiasts at home can make your mouth-watering cookies at home
  • Create four additional recipes that will be added to and social channels


Additional Benefits

  • A $5,000 baking stipend (Yes, you read that right. You’re getting paid to bake cookies)
  • Plenty of Parchment Paper to bake your way into 2021


How to Apply

  • Age and city, state, and zip code (Must be 18+ and live in the United States)
  • Photo of their cookie recipe
  • Include their cookie recipe with bulleted list of ingredients  
  • Explanation of why applicant deserves the job in 250 words or less


Click here for the official rules and regulations

Submit materials at: 

Applications Open: December 1, 2020  

Applications Close: December 8, 2020

If you’re not chosen for our Cookie Connoisseur, we’ll be sure you’re covered during baking season. We’ll be randomly selecting applicants who applied to receive one of our complimentary cookie kits so you can bake along with us!



Check out our Cookie Countdown collection for all of the delicious recipes!