Freezer Paper

Freezer Paper

Reynolds Kitchens® Freezer Paper is ideal for wrapping foods for freezing.
  • Store Food in the Freezer
  • Protect Surfaces
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Freezer Paper
Store Food in the Freezer

Reynolds Kitchens® Freezer Paper helps keep moisture in and air out, which helps prevent freezer burn. That’s why it’s used by butchers and fishmongers.

Protect Surfaces

Reynolds Kitchens® Freezer Paper is great for protecting work surfaces from spills and preventing markers, paints and glue from soaking through.

Product FAQs

Place the food on the shiny or plastic coated side when wrapping. The plastic-coated side keeps food moisture from soaking through the paper. The dull or paper side should face out. It’s made to be easy to write on, so you can label the outside of the package. To keep air out and ensure freshness, secure the wrapped package with freezer tape, which will stick easily to the dull/paper side.

Reynolds Kitchens® Freezer Paper and Reynolds Kitchens® Parchment Paper are very different products. Freezer paper should not be used in an oven because it has a plastic coating that will melt in the oven.

To use Reynolds Kitchens® Freezer Paper in quilting, trace quilting design onto dull side of freezer paper, cut it out and iron shiny side onto the fabric. Cut out the fabric around the design, allowing for a 1/4" seam. Fold the fabric seam allowance under the freezer paper and stitch the appliqué onto the background fabric. Pull out the freezer paper through a small area left unstitched.